Gluefast Edge Gluer

Frame & Arm Parts

Motor Control Page 5EDGE  Feed Rollers 5EDGE  Feed Rollers 4EDGE  Feed Roller Gears - 1" 4EDGE  Feed Roller Gears - 1" 16EDGE  ARM GUIDE 16EDGE  Arm Guide 8EDGE  Shaft Lock Knob (A) and Threaded Shaft 3EDGE  Gear Housing

Part Number Description
1EDGE Height Adjustment Knob & Threaded Shaft
2EDGE Arm Shaft Collar
3EDGE Gear Housing
4EDGE Feed Roller Gears - 1"
5EDGE Feed Rollers
6EDGE Spacer
7EDGE Lock Nut
8EDGE Shaft Lock Knob (A) and Threaded Shaft
9EDGE Arm Shaft Housing
10EDGE Height Lock Knob (B2)
11EDGE Drive Roller Gear - 1" (Minus Shaft)
12EDGE Clutch Gear - 1"
13EDGE Master Gear 1 - 5/8"
14EDGE Clutch & Clutch Lever Housing (C)
15EDGE Arm Shaft
16EDGE Arm (E) 
17EDGE Motor Housing (J) Not shown on schematic
26CAPT  Spring Clips
19-2EDGE  Glue Tray (G) 2" Edge Gluer
19-4EDGE  Glue Tray (G) 4" Edge Gluer
20-2EDGE Cover (F) 2" Edge Gluer
20-4EDGE Cover (F) 4" Edge Gluer
34-8/10CAPT Doctor Blade Guides
19CAPT Glue Control Knob 
20CAPT  Glue Control Spring 
18CAPT Glue Control Washer 
34-8/10CAPT Doctor Blades Guides 
7CAPT Motor Coupling - 1/2" Bore
5CAPT Rubber Coupling (Insert) 
27EDGE Drive Gear Coupling - 5/8"
28EDGE Main Fiber Gear 
29-2EDGE Glue Roller 2" Edge Gluer
29-4EDGE  Glue Roller 4" Edge Gluer
37CAPT Screw for Finger
1CAPT  Pick Off Point (Only)
1+36CAPT Finger & Point Assembly with Screw
36CAPT Finger (Only)
33-2EDGE Brass Rod 2" Edge Gluer
33-4EDGE Brass Rod 4" Edge Gluer
37CAPT Doctor Blade Screw
35-2EDGE Doctor Blade 2" Edge Gluer 
35-4EDGE Doctor Blade 4" Edge Gluer 
36EDGE Guide Housing 
6CAPT Allen Screw 
39CAPT Motor Plate Screw 
39EDGE Motor Plate with Bolts
40EDGE Bolt for Motor Plate
8BODCAPT Black Bodine Fractional Gear Motor 1/18 HP
15CAPT Power Cord
10CAPT Carbon Brush Cap for Older Black "Bodine" Motor
10BBCAPT Carbon Brush Cap for Green "Boehm" Motor
10BRCAPT Carbon Brush Cap for Newer Black "Black " Bodine" Motor
10CCAPT Caron Brush Cap for Carter Motor (serial # starting 1/98)
11+12CAPT Carbon Bush & spring for Older Black "Bodine" Motor
11+12BBCAPT Carbon Brush & spring for Green Boehm Motor 
11+12BRCAPT Carbon Brush & Spring for Current Black " Bodine" Motor 
51CAPT Speed Control Dial
52CAPT Build-In Motor Speed Control 
42CAPT Off/On Toggle Switch (For Gluers w/o Built-In Speed Control)
Rectifier Rectifier for Current Black "Bodine" Motor
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