Potdevin Label Paster

LM Glue Adjustment Knob

LM6 and LM8 knob on left, LM12 on right.

 Description  LM6  LM8  LM12
 Coating Regulator Assembly  LM-526  LM8-80  
 Coating Regulator Shaft  LM-528  LM8-49  
 Coating Regulator Dial  LM-529   
 Glue Regulator Spring, 5/8" Long  LM-530  
 Glue Regulator Spring, 1 7/8" Long  LM-531  
 Scraper Lever  LM-527   
 Washer  LM-532  

Note: If we haven't listed the part you need, give us a call at (770) 554-1187, Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 5:00 EST. The LM Label Pasters have been in production for several decades. When ordering parts, please specify the width of your model and serial number of the machine. If your machine has been modified with aftermarket parts after it was manufactured, we cannot guarantee proper replacement.

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