Potdevin Label Paster

6", 8 1/2", 12" LM Fingers

Fingers are suggested every 1" of Paster width.

Fingers are easy to adjust. Remove finger from shaft and place on the diagram pictured above. This diagram can also be found on the underside of the feeding table of your machine. Loosen the finger lock screw and slide the finger to match the template.

 Part Number Description 
 LM-523A  Regular Finger Assembly  
 LM-524A  Finger Blade  
 LM-286B  Stainless Steel Finger Blade
 LM-306B  Stainless Steel Finger Assembly  
 LM-525  Finger Holder  
 LM-546  Feeder Rod Spring (Not Pictured)  
 LM-547A  Finger Gauge  
 **LM**-119A  Finger Rod  

Note: The LM Label Pasters have been in production for several decades. When ordering parts, please specify the width of your model and serial number of the machine. If your machine has been modified with aftermarket parts after it was manufactured, we cannot guarantee proper replacement.

** The finger rod is based on the width of the machine that you have. LM8-119A for the LM8. LM12-119A for the LM12. The LM6 uses a different part number sequence. For the finger rod on the LM6, use part number LM-545A.

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