Large Character QM7500 Printer

Part Number:180M-QM7500
Large Character QM7500 Printer
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Low Cost Large Dot Character Ink Jet Printer for Cartons.

QM7500 Large Dot Character Printer

Simple, Easy Single Line Ink Jet Printer

The QM7500 was designed for a customer that values a quick and simple operation, and does not need highly technical coding. The easy to use icon keys allow you to adjust and edit product codes with a single touch. Customize time and date codes, expiration dates, rollover hour and more. Menu driven programs include electronically accurate automatic date change, clock functions and consecutive counts. The QM7500 is a great low cost solution with its high ink mileage and low maintenance requirements. Works with vertical print applications only. This product comes with everything you need to start coding the day you receive it!

Why complicate life? 

QM7500 Large Character Ink Jet Printer

If this looks familiar, it is based on the old Unicorn.

System Includes

  • Controller/Input Device
  • Print head
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Mounting Bracketry
  • Starter Ink and Solvent Kit

Built-in software features

  • Customized Time and Date Codes
  • Julian Date
  • Rollover Hour
  • Expiration Date for automatic printing of up to two distinct dates of expiration
  • Shift Organizer for automatic coding by particular shifts (up to 4 shifts)
  • Print Delay for message placement
  • Character Width adjustment
  • Consecutive Incremental Numbering

QM7500 Large Character Ink Jet Printer

Selectable Languages (Built-in)

  • Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek
  • Special application units include: Arabic, Chinese
  • All characters and accents unique to these languages are printable

Please note:

This machine uses a solvent to clear the lines after the equipment has been used and ink has been fed through the lines. When you are finished using the machine, or are done for the day, the QM7500 has to be cleared out. You will remove the ink, attach a bottle of solvent, and purge the lines of ink. If left alone, the ink will dry out inside of the tubes. Purging the system of ink with solvent will improve the performance and longevity of the machine. 


Large Character QM7500 Solvent
Large Character QM7500 Ink Supply