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Rotary Press Motor Area

When ordering parts, please include the model, serial number, width, and voltage of your unit.

Adjustment Screw - W30-87

Assembly of Lock Lever - WXX-103 (Includes Handle Bar, Stud, Handle, Bushing, Roll Pins, Screws)

Coupling, 1” Bore - W30-261B-1

Coupling Chain - W30-261B-2

Coupling Drive Guard - W30-84A

Frame - W30-1

Frame Cap - W30-2

Handle - WXX-102

Handle Bar - W70-100

Hand Wheel - W30-301A

Lock Knob - W30-127P

Lock Lever - W30-30

Lock Lever Bushing - W30-48

Lock Lever Link - W30-34

Lock Lever Stud - W70-101

Lower Bearing Assembly, Right Hand - W30-53

Lower Roller Spring

WXX-9 – W24-W42
W60-9B – W48-W60


EL-1012 – 1/3 HP, 115/208/230v Gear Motor used on W24-W30
EL-1013 – 1/2 HP, 115/208/230v Gear Motor used on W36-W60
W30-306 – 1/2 HP, 115/230v, Variable Speed
EL-831 – 3/4 HP, 115, DC Variable Speed

Motor Sleeve Assembly - W30-310

Motor Spacer - W30-200D

Sprocket, Clutch Coupling Assembly - W30-312

Square Key 3/16 X 1” Long - W30-316A

Tension Screw Knob - W30-25P

Upper Bearing Assembly, Right Hand - W30-52

Note: Substitute Press width in inches for the "XX" in the part numbers above. For example WXX-6 for a 54" press would be W54-6.

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