Why use Water Activated Tape?

Water Activated Tape offers many benefits over standard pressure sensitive tape.

Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape (WAT) is not only environmentally friendly, it's also durable, easy to work with and quick-sealing.

Unlike some tapes that adhere just to the surface of the material they're applied to, the gummed tape is activated by water. When it's applied to a corrugated box, the moisture is absorbed through the box surface and into the corrugated flutes, forming a solid and secure bond.

See what the experts at Packaging Tape Depot are saying:

  • Productivity - Carton sealing productivity is 21% higher using a water-activated tape dispenser and WAT vs a hand-held tape gun with PST.
  • Material Usage - The average amount of tape needed to seal a single carton using WAT was 8% less than using PST.
  • Tape Integrity - In each climate setting, cartons sealed with WAT remained intact and prevented tampering; cartons sealed with PST were not secure and were easily accessed without revealing any signs of tampering.
  • Adhesion Strength - This test was designed to assess how well WAT versus PST adheres, or bonds, to cartons. The test results demonstrated WAT's noteworthy bonding ability. When the WAT was removed from cartons, it also removed 80% of the carton's fibers. PST bonded poorly and was easily removed from the carton without showing any evidence of the tape's removal. 

The face-off: water activated tape versus pressure sensitive tape. See the full report here.

Marsh WAT Tape Dispensers

Marsh Water Activated Tape dispensers provide the security you are looking for by dispensing gummed tape effectively and efficiently. Marsh tape machines measure, dispense, moisten, and cut the water activated tape in a variety of lengths.

Check out our line of WAT dispensers: Electronic and Manual


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