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Heat Sealers for Poly Bags

In the world of heat sealing, and imported/knock-off units, you get what you pay for, and with China now shipping direct, you really need to make sure you have a responsive seller. Service is the most important part of the deal. AIE offers high quality sealers for your application & is based out of California with a US-based support staff.

Below is a list of different sealers for sealing bags. AIE offers a 90 Day limited warranty through the factory. Wires and Teflon are considered wearable items and not included under the warranty. All warranty issues need to be directed to the AIE factory. Send us an email for details.

Arm Sealers - Basic table-top one-armed impulse sealer for bags. Basic sealers and additional models with cutters or models with controlled congealing cycles.

Automatic Sealers - Counter-top production bag sealers. Foot switch operated or automatic cycle models available.

Bag Maker - Make bags from poly tube stock fast and easy! Great low cost method for creating custom sized bags.

Band Sealers - High speed applications for sealing bags. Great for med-high volume applications. Sealing a lot of poly bags? This continuous sealing method seals as fast as you can put them in.

Hand-Held Clam Shell Sealer - Constant heat hand sealer spot seals clam shells.

Clam Shell Sealer - Ultrasonic unit for faster sealing. We recommend testing prior to purchase.

AIE Constant Heat Foot Sealer

Foot Sealers - Stand alone Constant Heat models. For speedier applications.


Double Foot Sealers - Impulse Sealers with top and bottom sealing heads for thicker and hard to seal bags.

Hand Double Sealers - Applications involving heavy duty type bags up to 20 mil thick.

Hand Held Sealer - 6" unit for sealing poly bags. Two different models.

Hand Wrapper - Used in meat packing environments to seal meat packages.

Hand Sealer - "2 Hand" - Keep both hands on the bag during the sealing operation! Wall mountable if you are filling bags with liquids. Economical impulse sealer that works by pressing the shelf to activate sealing motion.

Hand Sealer with Magnet - Similar to the Arm sealers but with the added magnet to remove guess work.

I-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems - I-Bar systems for shrink wrapping packages. Need a Heat gun? Click Here

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems - L-Bar systems for shrink wrapping packages that seals the two sides at the same time to speed up the operation.

Portable I Bar Shrink Wrap Systems

Shrink Tunnels - Used in conjunction with the I-Bar and L-Bar sealers for faster shrinking of film.

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