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S1406 model pictured.
S1406 model pictured.

AIE-S1406 Infrared Shrink Tunnel

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AIE-S1406 Infrared Shrink Tunnel
Part Number: 115M-AIE-S1406
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AIE-S1406 Infrared Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnels take all the guess work out of shrinking down film used to keep products fresh and clean.  If you are using heat guns and the work load is backing up, a tunnel may be the best solution.  Seal your packages with an I-Bar or a L-Bar then place on the belt for shrinking.  This is the AIE-S3515 with a stand.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for automated smaller applications
  • Adjustable temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters
  • Uniform shrink


  1. Heating on 4 sides. 10 infrared replaceable tubes.
  2. Adjustable speed conveyor up to 20 ft. per minute.
  3. Separate adjustable temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters.
  4. Casters for maneuverability.
  5. Optional Teflon mesh conveyor belt. 

Application: Food, books, toys, stationery, drugs, parts, hardware, video tape, All shrink wrap. An excellent addition to I-bar & L-bar Shrink systems. 220 Volts.

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