Two ways to label your products: Pressure sensitive labels or plain paper you have to laminate with glue. Print your own labels on plain stock and save $$$.

Label Dispensers and Label Applicators

Speed up your labeling operation! Hand held, Pick and Stick, Tamp, Wipe, Round models available. Call our sales department for help.

Label Applicators:

Electric Label Dispensers: 

Manual Label Dispensers:

Label Rewinders:

Labeling? Hand labeling can be very slow and time consuming. With the use of a table top label dispenser, the operator merely "Picks and Sticks" the label to the product as the dispenser feeds the next label into position for fast retrieval. 5 times faster!!!

Do your operators have to look for the right roll of labels, find the end, remove the label by hand, apply to item, put roll of labels back in the pile? Multiple this by the number of labels you use in a year. Our solution is to use dispensers to either "Pick and Stick" or automatically apply.

Gluers/Pasters - Labeling and Mounting Systems

Visit our Lick It page.

Are your employees using spraying adhesive?
Our two main lines of equipment are Potdevin or Gluefast.

We carry a full line of label gluers, laminators, and pasters to stick labels and posters to substrates.  Create point of sale (P.O.S.) displays by taking a poster and mounting it to foam or cardboard.  Check out our gluers from 5 1/2" wide up to 60" wide with Rotary Presses to remove wrinkles and give a smooth finish.

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