Save time with each carton just by changing the way you build a regular box!

Most packers will assemble a RSC type carton by folding all the flaps in first, then while holding the flaps down, reach for the tape dispenser and get a piece of tape to apply to the carton for sealing it.  It takes a few seconds, but seconds that can be shaved to increase production.

A faster method is to seal the carton from the "flat".

Here's how:

Find the information circle on the box flap.  The flap with the circle is considered the bottom of the box once built.  To determine the length of tape required, either look to see if the box size is printed on the flap and take the first number and add six inches to it, otherwise estimate length with "hand spans".  (Most hand spans are 8-10 inches from the thumb to middle finger on stretched hands.

Find the nearest number on the keypad and dispense the tape.  Place the tape on the flap with the circle, centering the tape with 1/2 on the flap, and 1/2 off with equal amounts sticking past the edge of the longest flap.  Stand the carton on end, fold in the side flaps, then the flap nearest you to meet at the center with the flap with the tape on it.  Use the palm of the hands to press the tape down.

Each carton built this way saves 3-5 seconds.  If you are building cartons in advance, even more time can be saved.  Stack a bundle of cartons in front of the tape dispenser with the circle nearest you before starting.  Build the boxes on top of the stack.

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