Paper Tape for sealing cartons:

Water activated gummed tape is available in different widths, strengths, and lengths with fiber reinforcement and without. Gummed tape is used to seal boxes for shipping, securing pizza and donut boxes, and in construction of fireworks. Available in natural, white. Available in pre-printed versions (flood coated, one to full color, either digital or with plates), or printed as it's dispensed with codes. With reinforced tape the closer the fibers are, the stronger the tape.
The light weight 35 pound gummed side out tapes are used to seal butcher wrapped meats, pizza and donut boxes and even make fireworks shells. In some printing businesses the tape is used to seal paper wrapped packages. 
Tape is available in white or brown and we carry 1" and 1 1/2" cases.  Other widths available on special order.
Sealing boxes for shipping via small package delivery or truck line is available in several widths generally from 70mm-76mm in brown or white. Sealing cartons generally are sealed with only two strips. To add strength or create a vermin proof seal, H sealing works great. 


Need your brand to stand out? Look into pre-printed tape. 

Need to print expiration dates, lot numbers, product codes to identify products in a carton? 

Code the tape with an Ink Jet Printer 

or a CodeTaper depending upon your tape machine model:


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