Ideas in Clam Shell Sealing

Own a store with display items that have been sealed in clam shells?  Customers ask you to open for inspection and then decide not to purchase?  Need a cost effective solution for resealing the package?  Sealing the package with tape not only looks tacky, but customers are able to reopen the package.

There are two predominate types of clam shell sealers that we sell:

  • Constant Heat - Jaws are continually hot, and require a brief warm up period. 
  • Ultrasonic (Impulse) -  Jaws use a high frequency vibration to melt the clam shell, have no warm up period, and begin to cool once a seal is made. 

The small compact DPC10 hand held clam shell sealer is a perfect low priced solution for department stores. We are offering the DPC10 at a great price! The DPC10 also offers optional wider jaws!

Some clam shell material will not seal when heat is applied.  Our recommendation is have your clam shells tested prior to purchasing an expensive system. If you send samples, we will test and upload a video. If you decide not to send samples I highly recommend buying one of our low cost hand sealers to test the effectiveness of heat sealing.

Find all of our Clam Shell sealers in our Clam Shell Sealer category.

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