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Dispensa-Matic 6-II Label Dispenser

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Constant speed label dispenser runs at 6" per second. 5X faster than hand dispensing.
Part Number: 135M-DM6-II

Dispensa-matic 6-II with Photo Eye

Large Wide Label Dispensers

Dispensa-Matic DM-II Label Dispensers are heavy-duty semi-automatic electric models for labels from 2-5 1/2 inch widths depending upon size and will dispense any length. These label dispensers advance over 4 inches per second. DM-II machines are specifically designed not to wind up waste paper. This allows the user to dispense rolls up to 15" Diameter (with optional large roll adapter) without changing the waste! Loading is a "snap", just feed the labels between the dispensing tables then through the patented feed-roll assembly and "snap" into place. The DM-II models accept both roll and fan-folded "Butt-cut" or "die-cut" labels.

If dispensing Mylar labels an optional sharp edge table is available. Standard unit now equipped with photo eye. Handles multiple columns of labels on a common liner backing.

Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

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