Eagle Brand

Heavy Duty Industrial Case Sealers:

Model: T100

Standard side belt, Use either 2" or 3" tape.  Bottom only? Click here.

Model: T100SM

Designed to seal very small cartons and is best suited for medium volume production.

Model: T200

Takes the rigidity and simple design of the Eagle T100 and adds a set of top belts to stabilize tall, narrow cartons for proper sealing.

Model: T210

Offers a set of top and bottom belts and is well suited for wider boxes.

Model: T400R

Random size case sealer.

Model: T500R Uniform

The Eagle T500 makes it possible for the operator to seal different sized cartons with minimal adjustments required.

Interested in a tape/case sealer program? Email with your details including the number of cartons and sizes you are sealing per day to see if you qualify.

Stretch Wrapper:

Eagle 2000B Stretch Film Machine. Also available with a scale platform and printer to combine tasks.

(Other models available depending upon requirements. Call or email to discuss your application.)

Polypropylene Strapping Machine:

Basic semi-automatic strapping for securing multiple boxes together or adding extra strength to the carton structure. Speed up productivity. Dispense, tighten and seal.

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