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EP-5955 Paper Cruncher with Idler

Your Price: $225.00
EP-5955 24" Paper Cruncher with Idler
Part Number: 109M-EP-5955

EP-5955 24" Paper Cruncher with Idler

The above gif is from our warehouse.
We have been using this unit for years.
It's a reliable workhorse.

A unique way to crunch paper for void fill packing by Encore. The paper, when fed through the channel, automatically crunches up to help cushion your products for shipping. The easy tear/cut mechanism allows the packer to "rip" after dispensing the amount needed.

The idler helps to prevent the paper from tearing and allows for a smoother operation. Uses standard 24" wide rolls of 30-60 pound brown or white paper.


  • Paper Dispenser with Crumple Device
  • Paper Cutter Jaws
  • Horizontal Table-Top and Wall Mountable
  • Solid Steel Construction

We also offer a stand for mounting the cruncher for easier operation.

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