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G Handle Wood Rocker - 22 Ribs x 6 Inch

Your Price: $61.20
Part Number: 105M-70682

RIBtype Rocker Stamp with "G" Handle - 22 Ribs x 6"

  • Approx 3" X 6"
  • Has 22 ribs
  • Rocker stamp mounts can improve the imprint quality when marking on uneven or curved surfaces.
  • Aluminum "G" handle attached with 4 screws, making it very durable. the handle shape also allows good control when stamping, and causes less fatigue on the operator's hands.
  • Use RIBtype letters, numbers, and custom type to build your own rubber stamps and change them as needed.

Made of sturdy red oak, our wooden rocker mounts are manufactured to-order. If you are not sure which size you need or do not see it listed, please contact us for a quote.

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