Gummed Tape Machine Placement

Placement of the gummed tape dispenser makes all the difference.  Shipping departments usually use the better electric dispensers in the same fashion as the old manuals they once used.  In operations where the boxes are sealed on the counter top or on a conveyor line, the machine can be placed in line with the flaps of the carton.

In most cases the dispensers are used straight on.  The tape dispenses and hangs over the edge of the table.  The operator must remove the tape from the machine and carry it to the box for application.

Turn the machine 90 degrees and line the tape up with the direction the tape will be used on the cartons.  The tape machine also works best elevated a little over the box. We have work benches that offer swing arms to hold tape machines above the work area for better placement.

Simple placement offers a better work flow!

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