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Promote your website with a discount coupon on every package you send as a way of thanking your customers.

Holland Manufacturing produces a complete line of water activated tape products. There are many advantages to using water activated tape for carton closure, including:

  • Permanent carton closure
  • Pilfer proof for security
  • Durability and strength
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Closure appearance
  • Along with their high quality sealing tapes, Holland now offers a way for companies to offers special messages to be added to the tape.

    Introducing: WAT COUPON

    Water Activated  Tape that incorporates a redeemable peel-able coupon.

    Advertising on every carton you ship!

    How it works:

    1. Water Activated Tape is custom printed with branding information.
    2. Specialty labels are printed on two sides with a message and a concealed offer  or promotion.
    3. Labels are applied to the tape at a set distance from one another.
    4. Labels are designed to peel cleanly from the tape surface without any residual adhesive on the coupon.
    5. The resulting coupon can easily be redeemed based on set instructions.

    What's The Result?

    Rewarding your customers for their patronage, peaking their curiosity with an interactive engagement with your packaging, turning your package into a marketing platform.


    Tape Options:

    • Style: Reinforced or Non-Reinforced Tape 
    • Color: Natural, White, Pure White
    • Custom Printing: Up to 6 colors
    • Sizes: 72mm & 3” x 450’ – 10 rolls per case

    Label Options:

    • Top Image: Up to 4 Color Process Printing 
    • Concealed Image:  One Color Printed - Bar Codes, QR Codes, Instructions, Offer Details 
    • Size: 2” OD Circle 

    What this means to you with your customers?

    • Reward your customers, keep them coming back by providing incentives for your customers to order again with a promotion they are assured to receive and engage with.
    • Consistent Branding, Variable Offers to retain the consistency of your brand image with custom printed tape while incorporating a variable promotion intriguing your customers.
    • Cross Promotion to promote your other products while retaining your brand image. Engage other vendors to contribute to the marketing effort.
    • Marketing with no additional effort with the secure closure of the WAT COUPON, your marketing is embedded in your packaging with no additional steps or time.


    15 Cases Minimum order.

    Price range: $Call/Case based on 1 color printed tape with 2 Color coupon.

    H40 Natural or H30WW.

    Additional One Time Fees (Unless artwork changes):

    Plate Charges: 

    $Call per plate for coupon. $Call per plate for tape. Holland GCMI colors are free. Pantone PMS colors = $Call per color per order.

    Variables to price:

    White tape vs. natural tape. 12” vs. 18” repeat of the WAT coupon.

    Colors may vary on final product.  These are for sample purposes only.

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