Need to add an expiration date, use by date, lot number, or shift code to a label before it is applied to your product?

We offer complete solutions depending upon your application. The Smart-Jet thermal ink jet printer is a powerful piece of equipment that can operate as a stand alone unit, or mounted onto our label/tape dispensers, and label applicators.

Need an applicator for round products?  No problem.  Click here for the Dispensamatic Bottle-Matic with a Smart-Jet Plus Printer and dispenser solution.

Our Bottle-Matic total solution creates a system where one can apply date codes to labels and then apply them to round products, all within the same system. We have designed the stand that mounts the printer behind the Bottle-Matic. This allows us to extend the label webbing around the stand, and print on the labels. To reiterate for clarity, the Smart-Jet printer does not print labels. It prints date codes, lot codes, bar codes, and small B&W logos onto already printed labels

Have your own automatic label applicator?  No problem.  Click here for the Smart-Jet Plus Printer Solution to adapt to your existing equipment.

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