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Kiwi 452 with Opional Anit-Repeat Ring
Kiwi 452 with Opional Anit-Repeat Ring

Model 453 Case Coder

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Kiwi Model 453 Case Coder
Part Number: 170M-453

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453 Kiwi Case Coder

Need to mark cartons with a message that doesn't change but once or twice a day? Looking for something better than a hand stamp, but a lot cheaper than an ink jet?  Something inexpensive, yet durable?  The Kiwi line of coders are top of the line all metal marking devices that will yield years of service under extreme conditions.

The series 450 top, side or bottom coders for installation on conveyors and case sealers.  Available in three different sizes: 7/8th" (labeled at 1"), 2", or 3".  The Model 453 offers 3 1/8" high.  All messages run up to 12" in length.

The enclosed housing offers a replaceable ink cartridge instead of a re-inkable cartridge requiring bottles of ink that can result in spilled ink! Anti-repeat assembly kit is optionally available to prevent repeat printing on cartons longer than 16".  Friction driven.

To determine left or right, look in the direction of the carton exit (away from you) and determine which side of the case sealer or conveyor you want to mount the unit on. Optional anti-repeat ring available. The Ink roller is not included. Order either Pre-Inked or Re-Inkable cartridges below. We recommend the lower cost Base Lock logo mounting system. 

Channelok Type

Deep relief, long lasting.

Baselock type

Lower cost, Simple.

Click for Operators Manual and Parts List in pdf format.

Friction Coder Sell Sheet.

Friction Coder Sell Sheet.


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