Do you spend too much time looking for the right label? Use dispensers that can hold all your rolls.

Label Dispensing can be hazardous at most shipping benches.  The rolls of labels are usually strewn under, over, and about the work bench.  Finding the correct one is always a challenge, and once found time is spent unrolling and removing the next label. UPS, Fedex, and USPS can account for up to 10 different labels and tape depending upon the type and level of service.

Manual label dispensers are easy to use. Pull on the liner and the label separates for the operator to take and apply.

<<<Up to 6" wide total label width.

Available up to 18" total label width>>>

Or two rows of 20" and hang it on the wall:

With the TAL-40 by Take-A-Label.

We've found several neat, well constructed label and tape dispensers for the job.  Combine multiple rolls of tape and labels in one easy unit and eliminate clutter.

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