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Non-Porous Indexing Hand Roller Coder

Your Price: $535.50
Non-Porous Indexing Hand Roller Coder
Part Number: 108M-HPNP100

Non-Porous Indexing Hand Roller Coder

Printing the same information on your cartons but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems? 

A Non-Porous Hand Printer fills the requirement for a portable, hand held roll coder designed for marking on metal, plastic, glass, rubber and other materials that require fast drying solvent based inks.

The unique technology of Universal's patented Non-Porous Inking System allows the usage of inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds at 75 degree F. ambient temperatures. This unique system utilizes both an ink roll and an engraved anilox roll to apply ink to the rubber printing dies. The rolls are mounted in a tightly sealed aluminum housing which prevents solvent evaporation from the ink roll during use.  

The print drum s single print mode is for printing a message once per roll on materials such as metal sheets, plastic pipes, etc.

Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, these coders are ideal for printing specifications, lot numbers, date codes or product identification information on any flat, non-porous surface. The high quality impressions are both weather proof and fade resistant and can be applied at rates much faster than stenciling or conventional hand stamping.


  • Precision machined anodized aluminum construction
  • Sealed ball bearings for smooth print drum rotation
  • Comfortable foam grip handle
  • Easily removable print drum simplifies type setting

Replacement Supplies:

Print Drum only Item #108P-HPNP100PDA
1" MT Black Ink Roller (Disposable) Item #108C-HPNPMT1P1
1" XF Neoprene Ink Roller (Dry) Item #108C-HPNP100RX

The HPNP Hand Printers are supplied with one of Universal s disposable Type MT Black Ink Rolls. For maximum versatility, the inking system also accommodates a re-inkable XF Neoprene Ink Roll.

U.S. PATENT NO. 5,109,769 E.P. PATENT NO. 0508971

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