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Non-Porous MT Ink Roller Fixed NON-POROUS Coders

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Non-Porous MT Ink Roller Fixed NON-POROUS Coders
Part Number: 108C-NP-MT

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Non-Porous Black Type MT Ink Roller - Disposable

Universal Type MT Ink Rolls for printing on non-porous surfaces with a darker impression. Designed for use in Universal's patented non-porous inking systems, the Type MT Ink Rolls deliver an average of 500,000 high density impressions. The fast drying ink formula adheres to practically any non-porous surface and dries in 4-6 seconds at 75 degrees F. When the roll is depleted, simply replace it - no re-inking, no mess!

Fits all of the mini, midsize, and CLP NON-POROUS conveyor line printer series.

Warning:   Non-Porous inks contain flammable solvents.  Do not smoke near or handle these rolls in the presence of sparks or open flames.  Inks will also stain clothing, furniture, carpeting and your hands. Rubber gloves should be worn.

Make sure to select the correct size.  The default is the 1" roller.

Note: The factory is unable to ship these rollers via air. If you are using this roller in a critical area our suggestion is to purchase one or two extra and place them in your desk with a note to reorder if anyone asks for them.

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