Tape Guns

Hand held pressure sensitive tape dispensers are used to seal boxes and cartons. PST (Pressure sensitive tape) comes in two popular sizes: 2 and 3 inches. Most tape guns are made for tapes that are on a 3 inch core. If your tape has a different core size than 3 inches, we offer "mouse trap" style tape guns that can operate with odd core sizes.

Good Handheld Tape Dispenser - Mouse Trap Style

Offered in 2" and 3" wide models. The Mouse Trap style dispenser is a low cost tape gun that is good for odd core sizes. Typically, tape comes on a standard 3 inch core. If your tape has a different core size, or just an odd type of core, this dispenser may be your solution.

If your tape comes on a three inch core already, we recommend a standard core size dispenser.

Better Duty Tape Dispenser

We offer 2" and 3" wide models. If you use a tape gun daily, we recommend this model. Metal frame, adjustable brake, solid rub down roller.

Best Heavy Duty Model

We offer 2" and 3" wide models. If you use a tape gun every day, we recommend this model. Not a lot of moving pieces, strong metal framing, adjustable brake, rubber rub down roller, and reliable.

Ultimate Safe Seal with Retractable Blade

Offered in 2" and 3" wide models, the Hand Held Safety Tape Guns has a retractable blade. As you're applying a piece of tape, the tape is cut by pressing the plastic guard against the box. The guard actuates the blade, causing the blade to protrude, and cut the tape. This dispenser helps the operator avoid being cut or damaging exposed blades.


Bag Tapers

Bag tapers create closures with pressure sensitive tape for bags, wires, and more. Our bag tapers come with and without cutters. The cutters are used to clip the excess bag above the seal and makes for a neat closure. Two models fit 3/8 and 5/8 inch wide produce tapes. Uses include sealing bread bags, flagging hangers, sealing bags of produce, and many more. If you need wider than 1/2", we offer a 3/4" bag taper from Tach-it.

  3/8 inch bag taper with trimmer

3/8" with trimmer

1/2" with trimmer


Tape/Label Dispensers and Shipping Tools

In-Line Tape Dispenser

Dispense multiple rolls of tape on the same dispenser. Great for operations that involve different colors of tape. To operate the machine, lift the tape off the blade, pull the desired length, and pull down on the blade to cut. Tape must be on a 3 inch core. 

Offered in 4 widths: 1" , 2" , and 3" 

Tape and Label King

Dispense labels and tape on the same dispenser! The Tape and Label King is a manual dispenser that works with both pressure sensitive labels and pressure sensitive tapes. 

Offered in three widths: 6" , 12" , and 18"

Label Protection Tape Dispenser

Manual tape dispenser with special platform. This is designed for applying paper shipping slips to packages. More popular back in the day, this dispenser has been replaced by thermal label printers. There are other uses as well if you are dispensing wide (>3") pressure sensitive tapes.

Carton Sizer/Reducer

Score boxes, and squarely cut them down to size. This device can create a score at a consistent height. If you have a variety of box sizes, this little tool is a must-have. We have them and use them almost daily. Now that UPS/FedEx charge dimensional weight, cutting boxes down can save you money on shipping!

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