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Rewind-O-Matic II

Your Price: $895.00
Rewind rolls of labels, or wind up rolls after printing with the Rewind-O-Matic. Labels routed under the arm-switch will cause it to raise under tension and turn the machine off.
Part Number: 135M-Rewind-O-Matic-II

Rewind-O-Matic II

Universal Label Re-Winder with Dance Arm

6” wide Standard Rewind Shaft, with 2 label Flanges and Sensor Arm. Great for winding up labels from a printer.


  • On-demand rewinding turns off when labels stop coming from your printer
  • Switched Bi-Directional Control
  • Adjustable Speed Control up to 30 inches per second
  • Includes paddles to hold 3" cores or use coreless

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