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RP42161 Solenoid Spring Kit

Your Price: $85.72
Solenoid Spring
Part Number: 180P-RP42161

RP42161 Solenoid Spring Kit - Post 2019

Replaces the RP42160, which has a smaller pin size, that kit replaced the RP42155 spring. 

MSSC improved the pin that holds the bracket to the solenoid plunger.  They made the pin thicker, and now require the blade frame and plunger be replaced as well. If your machine was manufactured after 2019 you may have the larger pin.

Because of these changes, this kit was released. This kit - RP42161 - has the parts you need to replace the plunger, pin, blade frame, springs, and other small parts pictured.

The second image shows the old (pre-2019) solenoid spring kit

If you need service, fill out our Service Ticket and send your machine in to our location for repairs.

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