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RP42978 Heater/Thermostat Assembly

Your Price: $154.48
Heater/Thermostat Assembly
Part Number: 180P-RP42978

Heater/Thermostat Assembly 110V

This assembly includes thermostat, heater, water tank holder, 3 wire large connector, button splice ins connector, 2 white 18 ga wires, 2 F 18-22 AWG Conn, 2 flat head Phillips screws, and 2 hex nuts.

This heater operates by heating up the water tank, which then heats the brushes, and transfers to the tape. Heated tape will stick better to boxes. While a heater is not necessary for operating a gummed tape dispenser, it is certainly helpful.

If you need service, fill out our Service Ticket and send it in with the machine to our service center in Loganville, GA.

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