Need a Safer Tape Gun?

Ever been cut by the blade on a hand tape gun? Snagged your clothes on the blade? Are the blades bent and out of wack?

We offer a tape gun that "hides" the cutter blade when not actively cutting the tape. Save on injuries to your clothes and body with the best tape gun on the market for avoiding injuries. 

Achem Pressure Sensitive Tape Gun

Keeping the blades clean of sticky residue will reduce the amount of force needed to cut tape.  Use an old tooth brush and lighter fluid to clean any residue off the blade.  If you have silicone, take a cotton swab and dab a little on the blade to resist build up.

If you are trying to eliminate potential wrist injuries from hand held plastic tape guns, using an electronic table top pressure sensitive tape dispenser will not work! 

The reason a hand held tape dispenser works is because the operator is only using one hand to hold the tape and dispenser.  The other hand is holding the box.  By using an automatic tape dispenser the operator will need two hands to control the tape.  As an experiment, take a 18" wide carton and have an employee hand you a 24 inch piece of tape.  Try to close the carton.  You will need three hands.  Two for the tape, one for the carton.  The best way to close cartons and eliminate the hand held dispenser is to invest in a gummed tape dispenser

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