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Smart Jet Bulk Ink Supply

Your Price: $285.00
Smart Jet Bulk Ink Supply
Part Number: 180C-80380

MSSC Smart-Jet® Series

Bulk Ink Supply

Why spend time change cartridges? One Bulk system takes the place of almost 9 regular cartridges! Avoid timely change outs. If you are pushing your printer multiple shifts per day, or are using a high volume of cartridges, a bulk ink supply may be a better option for you.

Components Specifications

Ink System:

400 mL of Black Ink (water based) for Porous Applications

Environmental Conditions:

Storage Temperature (ink) -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Special Note: Once installed, DO NOT attempt to disconnect the ink supply from the print head. This may cause the print head to stop functioning.

This is for the ink only. To use the bulk ink supply you will need the mounting kit item # 180A-80980

Fits on all Smart-Jet® Series Printers including the DL100 and DL200. (With the DL200 you will need two bulk supplies, one for each print head.)

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