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Smart Jet Printer Kit for BP555e

Your Price: $2,495.00
Retail Price:$3,225.00
You Save:$730.00(23%)
Smart Jet Printer Kit for BP555e for printing date, shift, or lot numbers on tape as it is dispensed.
Part Number: 888A-SJB-555e-Kit

A Pro Pack Solutions Exclusive!

We have adapted the Smart Jet BLUE Ink Jet Printer to the
Better Packages BP555e Gummed Tape Dispenser.

Need to code your products? Add expiration dates, bar codes, lot numbers, etc? We have adapted the Smart Jet BLUE ink jet printer to the Better Packages model BP555e series gummed tape dispensers. The best part of the Smart-Jet BLUE is the ability to program the printer either by a wireless keyboard, tablet, or smart phone.  No more messy letters and ink by using the CodeTaper #6.  Change messages as quick as you can hit a few keystrokes.

With the printer you can store up to 100 messages, use up to 8 different size fonts, and print up to 6 lines of information depending up size of character.

The best news is our printer is can be used on all Better Pack BP555e models.  We use a unique encoder wheel to run the printer so we avoided having to have special circuit boards.

For more info on the Smart-Jet BLUE Printer, click here.

Info for the gummed tape dispensers is available by clicking the model:   BP555eS, BP555eSA, BP555eL, and BP555eLA.

Kit includes: Smart-Jet BLUE Ink Jet Printer, Base Plate, Encoder Wheel, new top cover and hardware, and (1) Ink Jet Cartridge.  All you need to do is supply the machine.

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