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Tach-It Model #3567

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Tach-It Model #3567 Semi-Automatic Tie Machine
Part Number: 120M-3567

#3567 Twist Tying Machine For Bakeries

Tach-It offers the basic model #3567 for applications up to 1/2" in diameter to apply twist tie to bags and wire bundles.  The unique feature of this machine is the feeding and dispensing.  The 3567 uses an economical 3" piece of ribbon and applies a four twist tie around the item being tied.  The feeding of the ribbon is via a straight chute and does not use the typical finger used on competitive models to guide the ribbon around.  Instead, the ribbon is fed across the opening, and the machine safely guides the ribbon back to the twister for tying, minimizing operator exposure to moving parts.  A side benefit is the machine practically eliminates typical jams found with other units.

The 3567 uses all 5/32" standard, decorative, and Tach-It's exclusive Polycore Non-Metallic twist tie materials.  The unit is capable of 50 cycles per minute.

easy spool mounting UL approved
Unique easy on - easy off spool holder. Squeeze the metal brackets to pull the spool off and just push the new spool on.
UL listed!
twist tie machine view under the cover


  • Reciprocating arm which eliminates jams,
  • Unique straight line ribbon feed,
  • U.L. approved
  • Up to 1/2 inch tying capacity,
  • Uses a 3 inch piece of twist tie ribbon per closure,
  • Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute,
  • Patented Polycore (120C-17-2000) non-metallic twist tie material available.

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