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Tach-it Model 3570

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Tach-it Model 3570 Twist Tying Machine
Part Number: 120M-3570

#3570 Twist Tying Machines for Industrial Applications

Tach-It offers the basic model #3570 for applications where you need adjustable tying from 1/4" up to up 1 3/8" diameters to apply twist tie to large bags, small coils, hanks, spools,  and wire bundles.  Unique features include the ability to adjust without tools the length of the ribbon and the diameter range being tied, and the easy straight shot feeding path.   The 3570 quickly and easily adjusts to the size bundle being ties as well as adjusting the amount of ribbon needed.  The 3570 is able to cycle up to 40 ties per minute.  Minimal operator training needed to adjust the machine and operate.

The 3570 uses all 5/32" standard, decorative, and Tach-It's exclusive Polycore Non-Metallic twist tie materials.

Top Cover with adjustments - Under the Top Cover with rear adjustment shown.

The model 3570 is the only machine on the market of this size that covers a range from 1/4" up to 1 3/8" bundles.  Considered the one machine that does it all. Match the setting on the top cover with the setting at the rear under the cover.

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