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Already Own a Tape Dispenser?

Want to find out the best way to use it? What is the best position for the machine? Having difficulty with gummy fingers? What is the best tape?

This page is designed to answer the above questions so you, the consumer, get the most out of your investment.

Gummed tape dispensers offer one of the fastest, safest, best methods to seal cartons when used properly and placed in the correct position. Gummed tape is stronger than ANY pvc type tape.


The best placement for right handed packers is to place the dispenser on the left side of the packing bench. The two positions of the tape dispenser are either straight on, or sideways. 99% of the tape dispensers are used straight on because in manual times, that was how the machine had to be used. 

With electric models, the machine in some instances may be used sideways allowing the packer to dispense the tape in line with the flaps being sealed! This placement allows for the savings of a few seconds per box. Sideways positioning is also workable with tape dispensers mounted over the conveyor.

Dehnco shipping benches also offer a mounting platform for their shipping benches to allow for more usable space on the packing bench.

Best tape and the way to price tape?

The best tape to use? That depends upon the strength you require and the cost.

When pricing tape, we recommend finding one you like and then buying the tape by the foot. If you are buying 10 rolls of 450' for $64.00, your cost is $ 0.0142222222222 per foot (64.00/4500'). After determining price per foot, buy the longest roll that will fit in the machine. The largest roll will save time and labor in your operators when having to change out the rolls. (Estimated time average 3-5 minutes depending on how far the packer has to walk to get another roll of tape. At $9.00 per hour, change out will cost $0.75 for 5 minutes!) We stock the 450' rolls, but have 375' for the smaller dispenser.

Determining price per foot will also determine the best buy.

As for the "1000" foot rolls, I recommend staying around the 450 foot range. The added stress on the feeding system and motor are much greater with the heavier roll.

Sticky Fingers?

A common issue when dealing with gummed tape. Most operators will remove the tape by grabbing the tape from the underside. Over time the glues will stick to your fingers. Instead of grabbing the tape from the top and bottom sides, remove the tape from the machine by cupping the tape with one hand and removing it by the edges. For more info give us a call.

One Final Thought

We also advocate the usage of conveyor systems to move products. If you have three or more packing stations consider product movement. In the vast majority of shipping departments expansion usually involves only adding more packing stations exactly like the ones used before. This process adds more confusion in an area already too small to function properly. Products cluster up and chaos commences.

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