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TBC-50H Non-Adhesive Cutter With Hot Knife

Your Price: $4,795.00
Start International TBC-50H Non-Adhesive Cutter
Part Number: 195M-TBC50H

TBC-50H Non-Adhesive Cutter

The TBC-50H Heavy-Duty Non-Adhesive Material HOT Cutter automatically dispenses, measures, cuts, and heat seals non-adhesive materials prone to fraying. It's ideal for heavy production to cut ribbon, belting, webbing, sleeving, strapping, rope, etc. The TBC-50H cuts up to 3.54" (90mm) wide material or multiple rolls. The built-in high speed operation cuts up to 140 pieces per minute at 2" (50mm) in length.

Standard TBC-50 with cold cutter, click here.


  • Includes a HOT KNIFE
  • This machine is designed for cutting and sealing the ends of material that might fray
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Cut up to 3.54" (90mm) wide material or multiple rolls
  • High speed - can cut 120-140 2" pieces per minute depending on material
  • All electric microprocessor controlled
  • Automatic shut off - stops automatically if material runs out during operation
  • Easy to use - set length, quantity and feed speed; then press start
  • Adjustable pressure on feed roller for thin or smooth materials
  • Accuracy - by means of stepper motor
  • Cutter safety guard included
  • No tooling required to cut different materials
  • Cutting blade is made of high-speed steel (HSS)
This is a special order item, and is not returnable.

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