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A301075 HD Pinion Gear
A401075 HD Idler Arm Pressure Wheel

Master Gear Segment Assembly
  A401510 HD38+
  A401511 HD58+
  A401512 HD78+ 

Master Pinion Support Assembly
  A401535 HD38+
  A401536 HD58+
  A401537 HD78 

A401540 HD Pinion Support Assembly
A401550 HD Idler Arm Assembly 
A401575 HD Trigger Lever Assembly

Needle Assembly
  A401590 HD38+
  A401595 HD58+
  A401600 HD78+

A401610 HD Actuating Lever Needle

Cover Assembly
  A401685 HD38+
  A401686 HD58+
  A401687 HD78+

A501035 HD Series Gear Segment
M001080 HD Pinion Support Clevis Pin
M001160 HD Needle Stop Cushion
M001170 HD Needle Stop
M001180 HD Cutter Locating Pin
M001190 HD Twister Cover Spring
M001220 HD Needle Pivot Sleeve
M001260 HD Idler Arm Wheel Pin
M001330 HD Twister
M001380 HD Cutter Plate
M001466 HD Cutter Spring **Notice Part# Change** Replaced part# M001150
M001475 HD Idler Arm Spring
M001485 HD Idler Arm Locking Set Screw
M001488 HD Needle Return Spring
M001490 HD Trigger Return Spring
M001494 HD Idler Arm Tension Adjustment Set Screw

Trigger Cover
  M001340 HD38+
  M001600 HD58+
  M001610 HD78+

M001620 HD Rotary Cutter
P001010 HD Pinion Support bronze Bushing
P001160 3/16 Low Clearance Side Mount External Retaining Ring
P001360 1/4-20 x 1/2 Hex Head Cap Screw Grade 2 Steel Zinc Plated
P001490 .296 ID x .7500 OD x .032 Thickness Flat Washer Nylon
P001500 #10 Curved Spring Washer Stainless Steel
P001570 HD Micro Switch 110v-220v Used on HD, XL2 and TOS
S001060 HD Cutter Material Feed Deflector
S001180-LH HD Cover Hinge Support Left Hand
S001180-RH HD Cover Hinge Support Right Hand
S001200 HD Series Cam
S001210 HD Cam Spacer
S001230 HD Needle Operating Link

Material Feed Drum
  S001145 HD38+
  S001245 HD58+
  S001255 HD78+
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