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Standard right to left feed
Standard right to left feed

Vertical Band Sealer HL-M1120LD

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Part Number: 161M-HL-M1120LD

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Quickly and efficiently seal thermoplastic material - PE, PPE, stand up pouches, gusseted bags, and moisture barrier bags - using a conveyor-based sealer.  This sealer is used for medium to heavy duty applications in the food, medical, and cosmetics industries.  HL-M1120LD is capable of sealing bag heights of 4" - 27", and up to a single product load of 11-lbs.

This unit comes with a manufacturer's spare parts kit that includes: PC Board, PTFE belt, wheel belt, fuse, motor brush, heating element, silica gel ring, silicone pin, tweezers, and typesets (numbers 0-9 and letters EXP, MFD)


  • Adjustable height for sealing head and conveyor belt providing 4" - 27" capacity in bag height
  • 8mm seal width creates airtight seals
  • Sealing method: Constant Heat
  • PID digital temperature controller 0-300°C (572°F) with dual alphanumeric display (target and current temperature)
  • Extended forced-air cooling system with extra wide cooling bars and 6 heat transfer orifices
  • Unit feeds from right to left (Optional: left to right feed available)
  • Dry ink coding allows for printing at the seal line
  • Equipped with an emergency stop button
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Simple to use - minimal operator training
  • Fast warm up time
  • Vertical configuration makes this suitable for products containing liquid
  • Motorized rubber conveyor with adjustable speed control
  • Knurled pressure wheels with variable pressure adjustment

Optional Features:

  • Left to right configuration 
  • 15mm wide seal (may delay delivery. Call to order.)
  • Digital counter to keep track of sealed packages

These units ship LTL Freight direct from the importer and may have delays in shipping.  Call or email for an estimated delivery.

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