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2" Porous Midsize Roller Coders

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2" Porous Midsize Roller Coders
Part Number: 108M-MS2

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Are you printing the same information on your cartons, but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

Universal’s line of MidSize Coders establish a new standard of quality and versatility in contact coding systems. The unique modular design of these machines provides the flexibility to adapt the coder to a wider range of applications than any other system on the market. To provide unsurpassed durability, the frames and print drums on these coders are precision machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum thus eliminating the use of castings.

Porous Midsize Coders are offered in 12",  15" and & 18" circumference print drum models, 2" tall for more accurate matching of the coder to the carton size. The long frame design and extended deflection capability add to the machine’s versatility. When fitted with the optional Reservoir Inking System Cover assembly, the ink rolls are re-inked automatically during the printing operation.

These coders can be ordered for either right-hand or left-hand mounting configuration and are easily field converted if mounting requirements change. The innovative print drum indexing mechanism on these coders was designed to provide both fast response and positive indexing on cartons as short as 55% of the print drum circumference. The indexing feature places the print in the same place on each carton (on boxes longer than the circumference of the print wheel may cause a second print). The quick change print drum feature not only facilitates off-line code changes when spare drums are ordered, but if the print applications change, the print drum size can be readily changed to accommodate the new requirements.

All porous models of the Midsize Coder come complete with a dry Microcell Ink Roll and print drums which accommodate RIBtype die systems. Use with #1150 coder inks.

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