Cyklop B6

Gear Area

With the removal of four screw from the left side frame you get the following view of the gear area:

Hold your mouse over the part you need and the part number should come up.

Removing the bottom plate, and Cover (Lower Front) you get this view:

23300281 Rubber Feed Ring 74003337 Gear 74003342 Autolock 74005350 Cam Gear

Part #        Description

23300281    Rubber Feed Ring 
23300292    Feed Wheel  - (Rubber Feed Ring Fits On)
74005353    Feed Wheel Shaft 
22000231    Circlip 
74005350    Cam Gear 
74002821    Sheet Metal Screw 
74005384    Shaft 
74003337    Gear 
74005527    Ring 
74003342    Auto Lock 
20290259    Screw 
74005358    Cover   
74005346    Bottom Plate
74005360    Tension Spring
74005349    Cover

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