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Blade Adjustments for Tape Dispensers 

With Cutter Yoke

Cutter Yoke and Movable Shear Blade Adjustment

The purpose of this adjustment is to insure that the movable shear blade FM20BX is raised out of the path of the tape before the feed wheels come together and grip the tape to feed it forward.

Tools needed: 1. LN-23 Hex Screw Driver 3/32"
2. Short piece of reinforced tape

Unplug the machine from the power source. Remove bottle, brush tank and upper tape plate. Place a short strip of reinforced tape under the feed wheel. Reach into the opening in the front of the machine and lift the cutter yoke and movable shear assembly E584RAXX until the separable feed wheels are brought together and just grip the tape. At this point increased resistance to lifting the cutter yoke assembly E584RAXX should be felt. Do this operation several times to Be sure to get the exact point at which the feed wheels start to grip the piece of tape. When this point is found, note the position of the lowest portion of the cutting edge of the movable shear blade FM20BX with respect to the stationary blade FM21X. If the adjustment is correct, there will be an opening for the tape approximately 1/32" high in the corner.

On the rear end of the cutter yoke assembly is a set screw which controls the height of the moving shear at the same time the feed wheels initially grip the tape. This set screw can be seen by looking through the large hole in the vertical tie plate in front of the basket section of the machine. If it as been found that the moving blade was too low, turn the set screw counterclockwise several turns and recheck the position. If the moving blade is too high, turn the set screw clockwise until the correct position is reached. After the adjustment has been made, the cutter yoke assembly should be lifted to be sure that after the feed wheels start to grip the tape it can raise still further against increased resistance.

Try dispensing tape, If the tape is catching on the corner of the shear and jamming, (turning up the left hand corner of the tape, or the tape is slipping under the feed wheels), the adjustment was not correctly made.

We have a video at our video website of this proceedure.

Lateral Adjustment of Stationary Blade

Tools Needed: 1 Phillips Screw Driver

NOTE: Some difficult-cutting reinforced tapes may require the maximum spacing on the left side. (approximately 3/64").

Unplug machine from power source. Face machine at the front. Tip back blade oiler to expose stationary blade FM21X. A spacing of approximately 1/32" should be visible between stationary and movable blades on the left hand side when the movable blade is down. The blades should be touching on the right side.

If no spacing is visible or spacing is incorrect on the left, then you Must go to the adjusting screw on the right side of the frame. This adjusting screw is in the form of a Phillips head screw and a washer, located halfway down the chain cover on the side frame. Loosen the screw just enough to allow movement up and down. Move up for more space, move down for less space.

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