Clutch Roller Adjustment

BP555-S and BP556

Tools Needed: 1 Special Adjustment Driver

NOTE: Keep fingers off flange of measuring wheel, clutch roller and gear assembly. Any oil from fingers or another source will prevent proper operation of the measuring mechanism. It is also recommended that when in stalling a new clutch roller that you clean it first clean it with contact cleaner.

Unplug machine from power source. Remove Key Drum Assembly. The clutch roller is located to the upper right hand side of the measuring wheel. When the machine is operated this roller drives the measuring wheel to reset the Feed Cut switch.

In the rest position, solenoid unenergized, the clutch roller should be adjusted for approximately 1/32" clearance between it and the measuring wheel. The adjustment is changed by using your special adjusting driver on the rectangular top of the clutch connecting rod. Turning the connecting rod clockwise lowers the adjustment, counter clockwise raises the adjustment. This spacing is important, because the measuring wheel should start moving at the same time the tape begins to feed in order to get the correct tape lengths.

After the adjustment has been made, reach into the front of the machine after removing the tank and raise the rocker and shear assembly to the top position. The clutch roller should then be contacting the measuring wheel with enough pressure to drive the measuring wheel.

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