Hand Stamps that utilize

RIBtype® Rubber Type

Looking for a alternative to expensive ink jet systems? Rubber hand stamps are easy to use for coding cartons, paper, or other porous surfaces?

Custom sized hand stamps are available in several styles and offer the ability to change messages when needed. Below we have flat, rocker, or self inking flip over styles. There are many options available depending upon message size, and surface to be printed on we recommend opening a dialog with a phone call or email. We will assemble the info and email options, prices, pictures and links to explain solutions. Contact info on the bottom of every web page.

Custom made to the size you need. This is the most basic solution to mark, code, or identify products. Call or email your details for a quote. Include surface to be printed on so we get the right ink. We carry both "slow" drying inks for porous and "fast" drying inks for non-porous.

Individual letters and numbers are inserted into the hand stamps. Create your own messages and change as needed. We also offer one piece custom logomats.

For larger (wider) applications we offer a "Rocker" style durable aluminum recommended for large imprint areas.

We carry ink pads for porous type applications using a slow drying ink.

We also carry the reversible ink pad system for non-porous type inks that are faster drying. Use one side, then flip over and use the other. A small bottle of ink and reactivator is included.

In addition to the stamper you will need a set of RIBtype® letters and number, only numbers, or a custom logo-mat at an additional charge.  Type is available in the following styles in sizes ranging from 1/8" up to 3/4".  Most customers find the "U" bold style the easiest to read.  Number of characters per inch depends upon size and boldness.

For the pdf brochure on all of the different style of rib type and methods, click here.

Stamp Pad Ink:  The ink is water soluble, no thinner required.

Color Gallon  Quart  Pint 4 oz. 
Black 105C-19500 105C-19501 105C-19502 105C-19503
Red 105C-19510 105C-19511 105C-19512 105C-19513
Blue 105C-19520 105C-19521 105C-19522 105C-19523

Flip Overs:

We offer a "Flip-Over" type self inking with a unique RIBtype® surface for mounting individual letters, numbers, or logomats.  These Rib-based stampers re-ink themselves after each imprint.  Metal frames make them very durable.


Several sizes are available to meet your needs.

Item # Rib-Base Size   Ink Pad Item #
105C-25620-79 5 ribs x 5/8"   105C-26010
105C-25630-79 7 ribs x 1 3/8"   105C-26020
105C-25640-79 7 ribs x 1 5/8"   105C-26030
105C-25650-79 7 ribs x 2 1/4"   105C-26040
105C-25660-79 7 ribs x 3"   105C-26050
105C-25670-79 10 ribs x 2"   105C-26060
105C-25675-79 10 ribs x 2"   105C-26070
105C-25680-79 10 ribs x 2 1/4"   105C-26080
105C-25689-79 10 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26090
105C-25690-79 10 ribs x 3 3/4"   105C-26100
105C-25700-79 12 ribs x 2"   105C-26110
105C-25710-79 12 ribs x 2 3/8"   105C-26120
105C-25720-79 12 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26130
105C-25725-79 12 ribs x 3 7/8"   105C-26140
105C-25730-79 15 ribs x 2"   105C-26150
105C-25740-79 15 ribs x 2 7/8"   105C-26160
105C-25750-79 15 ribs x 3 7/8"   105C-26170
Maintenance tips: Self-inkers are factory adjusted. If printing impression becomes light or is unsatisfactory, apply rubber stamp ink to the ink pad or install a new inked pad. Good, legible printing impression ALWAYS require proper inked pads.
WARNING: DO NOT INK PAD WITH CHECKWRITER, OIL-BASE OR NUMBERING MACHINE INKS. USE ONLY RUBBER STAMP INK. Checkwriter, Oil-Base, and number machine inks are highly injurious to the rubber bands and pads in self=-inkers. To prolong the life of this carefully assembled and inspected self-inker, use only the BEST GRADE rubber stamp inks. Lubricate occasionally by placing a very light film of graphited grease or petroleum jelly on bearings and slides.

RIBtype® trademark is owned by United RIBtype Co.

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