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NTZ Gluer Gear Area

Coating Dial (Regulator) Side is the right side of the machine. Hand Wheel Side is the left side of the machine.

 Part Number  Description  
 NTZ-24C  Pinion Stud  
 NTZ-56  Drive Pinion Gear (20T, 16 DP)  
 NTZ-57A  Coating Roller Gear (84T, 16 DP)  
 NTZ-58  Tank Roller Gear (80T, 16 DP)  
 NTZ-71  A Drive Belt  
 NTZ-75-1C  Top Gear Guard  
 NTZ-210  1st Intermediate Gear (40T, 16 DP)  
 NTZ-211  1st Intermediate Gear Bushing  
 NTZ-212  1st Intermediate Gear Stud  
 NTZ-213  2nd Intermediate Gear (20T, 16 DP)  
 NTZ-216  Feed Roller Intermediate Gear (16T)  
 NTZ-221  Feed Roller Gear (20T, 16 DP)  
 Z-1284  Drive Pulley  

Parts based on the width of the applicator roller:

Note: Replace ** with the width of your unit.

 Part Number  Description
 NTZ**-2A  Tank Roller (Stainless Steel)
 NTZ**-2R1B  Tank Roller (Rubber Cover)
 NTZ**-60B  Coating Roller (Stainless Steel)  
 NTZ**-60R  Coating Roller (Rubber Cover)
 NTZ**-220  Feed Roller
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