NTZ Gluer Parts List

Coating Dial (Regulator) Side is the right side of the machine. Hand Wheel Side is the left side of the machine. The left side is in the foreground of the above image. Note the wheel.

SOME parts are based on the width of the machine (i.e. rollers):

NTZ**-35B - Finger Bar
NTZ**-37B - Feed Table
NTZ**-55AS - Glue Pan
NTZ**-278-1 - Plastic Feed Guard Assembly
   Note: Replace ** with the width of your unit.

 Part Number  Description
 NTZ-75  Left-Hand Guard
 NTZ-75-1C  Top Gear Guard
 NTZ-260  Pressure Roller Spring
 NTZ-261  Spring Hook
 NTZ-277-1  Feed Roller Guard Support (left and right)
 NTZ-296  5/8" Collar
 ICX-1505  Finger Gauge
 Z-1249C  Finger Assembly (one for every inch of machine width
 ICX-1504  Finger Blade
 Z-1251  Finger Holder
 Z-1281A  Handle Wheel
 Z-1283  5/8" Fiber Washer
 Z-1287  Oil Cup
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