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NTZ Gluer Regulator Area

Coating Dial (Regulator) Side is the right side of the machine. Hand Wheel Side is the left side of the machine.

 Part Number  Description  
 ICX-1504  Finger Blade  
 NTZ-200A  Tank Roller Cap  
 NTZ-201BR  Feed Roller Arm (right hand side)  
 NTZ-253  Glue Adjusting Shaft Spring  
 NTZ-254A  Roller Guide  
 NTZ-255  Coating Regulator Shaft  
 NTZ-260  Pressure Roller Spring  
 NTZ-261  Spring Hook  
 NTZ-65B  Glue Adj. Block  
 TSC-164L  Lever Short Adj. Assembly (left hand side)  
 TSC-164R  Lever Short Adj. Assembly (right hand side)  
 TSC-49  Regulator Shaft Support  
 W30-48  Handle Bushing  
 Z-1233P  Glue Reg. Dial  
 Z-1240  Lever Coating Regulator  
 Z-1249C  Finger Assembly (1 per inch of machine width)  
 Z-1251  Finger Holder  
 Z-1263  Adjusting Screw  
 Z-1264  Lock Nut  
 Z-1831  Handle  

Parts based on the width of the applicator roller:

 Part Number  Description
 NTZ**-26B  Glue Adjusting Shaft
 NTZ**-37B  Feed Table
 NTZ**-55AS  Glue Pan
 NTZ**-220  Feed Roller
 NTZ**-278-1  Plastic Feed Guard Assembly

Note: Replace ** with the width of your unit.

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