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RP40703 Blade Kit

Your Price: $130.00
Blade Kit fits Marsh Gummed Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 180P-RP40703

RP40703 Blade Kit

This kit includes movable cutter blade, removable fixed blade, 2 cutter guides, 2 fixed blade shoes, 2 fixed blade shoe springs, 2 button head screws, 2 socket head cap screws, and 1 hex socket set screw.

Blade kit for all manual machines and TDE110 machines with serial number 618027 or newer.  This blade accepts the new style 1/4" plunger pin. 

Every month or two remove the blade guard and apply a drop of light weight oil to the back side of the movable blade to keep it clean and free from built up adhesives from the tape, and also add a drop of oil to the brass guide rollers. If you find material built up on the cutter blade clean with a solvent like lighter fluid prior to applying oil.

Fits on the TD2100 series tape dispensers by Marsh. If you need service, we offer full service in Loganville, GA. More info at our online service portal.

Need new machines? Click for the TDE Electronic, or click here for the TDH manual.

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