Safety Switch Adjustment

Tools needed: Screw Driver
5/16" Open End Wrench
Needle Nose Pliers

Unplug machine from power source. Remove key drum assembly. To the right of the measuring wheel is the safety switch assembly EA570BX. At the base of this assembly is the safety switch spring E565B. This is where the adjustment will be made.

With the screw driver, turn the reset screw all the way up. Now with the needle nose pliers bend the flat spring at the right hand side at the curved portion to shift the reset screw and allow it to move freely in the slot. Check adjustment by pressing down the switch pin from the top. Revolve measuring wheel manually to make sure the switch shuts oft when the bumper suction cup comes within 1/4" of the bumper plate. If it doesn't, readjust the screw and spring until it resets at the proper point.

With screw driver and 5/16" open end wrench, tighten to secure the screw in position.

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