Solenoid Adjustment

Tools Needed: 3/8" Open End Wrench
5/16" Nut Driver

When the solenoid buzzes it is and indication that the cutter yoke linkage and the solenoid are not in correct alignment. More often than not, the misalignment can be traced to uneven tightness of the four mounting screws of the solenoid.

Either tighten or loosen both screws on one half of the machine, then operate the machine, if buzzing doesn't stop repeat to other side of machine. Operate the machine several times to see if the buzzing as been cured.

If this doesn't cure the problem and you are certain that the solenoid is in proper alignment, remove the solenoid and shelf assembly from the machine and look for dirt under the armature of the solenoid. The solenoid should not be tighten down tight. It should be loose enough so that it can slide from side to side on it's mounting screws. If it is too loose and there is too much up and down motion on the mounting screws, the cutting may be sluggish.

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