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6" unit pictured.
6" unit pictured.

Flat-matic Label Applicator

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The Flat-Matic applies labels flat and square bottles, containers, and boxes from .25 - 4.5 inches tall, and either 6 or 12 inches wide depending on the model.
Part Number: 135M-Flat-Matic

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Flat-Matic by Dispensamatic

Apply Security Labels over the edge of boxes! Works great with labels that the adhesive will stick to fingers when you remove them from the dispenser.

The best look for your products when they make it to a retail shelf is for all the labels to be straight, level, and equal. You want customers to feel confident the quality of your products is equal to the quality of the appearance on the shelf.  It is impossible to apply labels by hand and maintain a great appearance. 


  • Dispensa-Matic's own NO-ADJUST optical sensors (no sensor adjustment or cleaning)
  • Capable of dispensing labels down to 1 mil thickness
  • Label can be from 1"-8" on our 6" Flat-Matic and 1.5"-14" wide on the 12" Flat-Matic
  • Product can be from 1 5/8" to 6" Wide on the 6" Flat-Matic or 1 5/8 to 12" wide on the 12" Flat-Matic
  • Product can be 1/4" to 4.5" in height if pressure arm is used! If no pressure arm is used unlimited height.
  • All Flat-Matic purchases INCLUDE the Rewind-o-Matic at no extra charge.
This machine uses an optical sensor to detect the labels. For transparent labels, a special "black dot" sensor is required. This is a special order item with lead time. No additional cost for the sensor and your labels will need a black dash printed on the liner.

We HIGHLY recommend sending us samples to test in the unit. About half a roll of labels and 3-5 boxes

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