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Onpak Gen 3.0 Ultrasonic Sealer

Your Price: $419.98
Onpak Gen 3.0 Ultrasonic Clam Shell Hand Held Sealer
Part Number: 888M-ONPAK-GEN3

Onpak Gen 3.0 Ultrasonic

Clam Shell Hand Held Sealer

Seal – PVC, PSP, OPS, HIPS, PPF, PP, and A-PET

OnPak  is an ultrasonic clam shell sealer that seals clam shells quickly and safely using ultrasonic waves.  It is simple and easy to operate.  Just turn on the machine, set the time, and spot weld using the hand set.  No warm up time needed.
Easy to operate.


  • Jaws are coated to resist corrosion from PVC materials.
  • Safe, Simple, and Easy to use. The beginner can use it like a stapler.
  • Good design. Smart Packing.
  • This unit does not have a repeat, expendable commodity to seal the clam shell.
  • Light to handle.  One can weld quickly without lugging around a heavy unit
  • Sanitary without the anxiety of the rusting from staples
  • No fear of being burned as welding is ultrasonic
  • AC adaptor - 110V or 220V
  • Made in Japan
  • Model: Onpak-Gen3.0
Note:  The manufacturer does not recommend interchanging handsets between bases since they are matched electronically.  Interchanging handsets may lead to product failure that will void all warranties. Warranty is also voided if the handset is closed without a clam shell present to be sealed.

We highly recommend having your clam shells tested before purchase. If we have not tested your shells before purchase a restock fee of 25% will apply. Other restrictions for returns also apply.  See our return policy under Terms and Conditions below. 

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