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Tach-It Model 6125

Your Price: $775.00
Tach-It Model 6125 Electronic Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 120M-6125

Tach-It Model #6125

Electronic Tape Dispenser

A Definite-Length-Tape-Dispensers designed to feed and cut either a pre-determined or random length of pressure sensitive tape. The 6125 may be used in either a manual or semi-automatic mode. Great for applications in a multitude of industries including; packaging, assembly, electronics, retail, industrial, food service, office and institutions.

The "Reel-less RT-7000" accepts almost any size roll of tape or many types of non-adhesive materials up to a 14" diameter roll. 

Duel electronic eyes allow for either one or two rolls to be dispensed and cut at the same time.  Tweezers included for shorter lengths for use by operator to avoid blades.  The 6125 also includes a built in blade oiler to help keep blades sharp and clean. A small container of oil is conveniently stored in a compartment under the unit.

Built in counter allows for either dispensing a set number of strips of material or to keep up with the number of pieces dispensed by the operator.  Dispensing non-adhesive material without an operator is possible!

The RT7000 replaces the RT5000.

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